Age: 52 ( Male)
Country: Germany
Region: Hamburg
City: Hamburg
My profile views: 780
Profile link:
Dating status: Married
Body type: Normal
Eye color: Green
Smoking: No
Drinking: Yes
Religion: Protestant
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Bald
Occupation: Model
Zodiac: Capricorn
Orientation: Bisexual
Sexual activity: Oral Sex - Caviar - Anal Sex - SM - Swallowing - Bondage - Submissive - Tattoos
Qualities: Naive - Honest
SM, BDSM, living 24/7 in isolation and total power exchange slavery with my wife-mistress and Dominatrix Helene Neith. I am a chain slave in her house and she has an isolation box for me to break my will.
Favorite Films:
120 Days Of Sodom, Gewndoline
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